• Based on phpBB3
  • Over then 21 languages support
  • Most popular MODs preinstalled
  • Different color schemes
  • Auto backup your forum
  • Personal technical support
  • Avatars gallery
  • 3 steps to create your own forum


Step 1


Click Register and fill out the registration form. All fields are required. If you've done everything correctly green indicator will appear (Red indicator means that registration form was filled out incorrectly). To submit your registration info click "Submit" button.

If registration was successful, you'll see your registration info and the following message: "Your full registration properties send to your e-mail address". (Full registration properties were sent to your e-mail address)

NB! Users who didn't complete the registration will stay unregistered and won't be able to install and use forum.


Step 2


Check your email. You should receive a letter with full registration properties and an activation link. Click on the link to activate Forum.

Following message will appear: "Activation successful! You must login to preview your phpbb3". Congratulations, that means that activation went successfully and now you can start using forum.

You could select color style and language of you forum or (if you don't select language and template) default will be used.

NB! After a successful activation you automatically gain administrators rights on your forum.


Step 3


To gain the access to your forum you have two choices:

1. Enter your login and password at "phpbb.net" and you'll be redirected to "yourdomain.phpbb.net" with full admin rights.
2. Or you can go directly to "yourdomain.phpbb.net" and enter your login and password right into phpbb3.